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Step 1: Register!

Registration at SCnet is free. Please note that you will need a correct Email address and the client number (ID-Number) or the mobile telephone number in the requested format of the person who recommended you.

Step 2: Study the content of this website!

Our business model is not too difficult but not trivial either. The faster you understand the principals of our business model, the faster you will advance with it. The target is to reach as much as possible in the time which you have at your disposition.

If you have any further questions please klick here ! (How can I win?)

Step 3: Start to recommend new members!

Do this consistently for some time!

Win at least two new members each day to. This is not difficult at all as the registration is free. Be prepared to explain the essentials of our business model to them. You will know that you succeeded in the moment they say: „Super! That is genius. I want to start right away.“ Continuing like this you easily can register 50 new members in one month. This is then a good start !


Step 4: Multiply yourself!

Instruct the members you registered to do the same as you do. Assist them and instruct them to understand and start the business model correctly. Applying this you will multiply your personal workforce with the "lever principle". In the case that you register weekly 12 new members and you succeed to make only 2 of them to work in the same style as you do the result will be a total of 4096 new members in just 12 weeks. Once the member start using SCnet trading partner with an average turnover of just 200 Euro per month you will already earn several thousand of Euro per month. Without all additional comissions, premiums and rewards which make part of the SCnet business model'.

Step 5: Earn steadily through daily spendings!

SCnet® World made it possible to earn after our spendings. Do not forget that this genius sistem makes it possible for everyone to make his daily shoppings cheaper. SCnet® World has shown in practice how easy it can be to win a large number of trading partners. In the meantime the number of international trading partners has grown to over 2000 in 10 countries, among those many known multinational brands. The more clever you act now and develop your personal network, the more attractive will be your earnings in one to two years. Think carefully, you have a big adavantage to start already now in the pre-launch phase international and in your country.

Your SCnet® World Team

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