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Over 300 000 members in less than 6 year demonstrate the success of our unique business model. In front of you is a company that, while setting new business standards, gave entrepreneurship a whole new dimension. This time available to everyone! learn more >>

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Making profit on everything that everyone purchases and consumes everyday, anyway. This have been a dream of entrepreneurships ever since. Making profit on anything is not the same as making profit on everything, especially if everything represents all the needs of our everyday life. learn more >>

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Unique education system that SCnet posses and provides for its members, will enable you, especially at the very beginning, to build your business on a strong basis and further develop it to its maximum potential. You will work for yourself, but you will not be alone. learn more >>

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Life is not a dress rehearsal, and every moment of it should be experienced in the right way and proper ambient . Choose only the best for those who you love the most. Let this be your path to financial freedom. learn more >>

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Welcome in shoppers heaven!

Who did not have the dream once of making money while going shopping? Anyone did. If you belong to the large group of persons that thinks that dreams never come true we need to tell you now that we have good news for you.

Shopping Center Network has combined many years of experience in customer relations, marketing systems and the advertising industry and has created SCnet, the ultimate answer to the needs of customers looking for bargains as well as businesses looking for customers. We are the fastest growing shopping community having at present over 188.000 registered members in 15 countries. Beeing a member of our community you benefit not only from totally free membership but also participate on the shoppings of your friends which you recommended our community. That’s why we like to be called a “Social Shopping Community”. Its so easy, just register for free and start using your membership ID in your day to day shoppings and you will see instantly the results on your accounts. Tell your friends and earn the benefits. Hundreds of partner stores and businesses are waiting for you. And for those which can see also an income opportunity in professional shopping we have a big surprise…

Its not coming out of the blue that our motto is "Earn spending"

Have fun shopping with us Your Shopping Center Network Team

A lot of success whishes you the SCnet® World Team!

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